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Wedding Venues Faridabad

140 results

  • Tivoli Royal Palace

  • Amrit Green Valley Garden

  • Ambar Palms Aravali Resort

  • Royal Imperio

  • The Grand Ambience by Baba

  • Vilasa Lawn & Banquet

  • The Grand Aurra

  • Sarovar Portico, Surajkund

  • Silky Green Valley

  • Rigveda Farms, Faridabad

  • Hilltop Greens

  • Kanak Banquet

  • Jalsa Banquet

  • Sanya Banquets and Farms

  • Mannat Farm

  • Sacred Flames by The GFL Group

  • Celebration Garden, Faridabad

  • Classic Elegance

  • Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund

  • Millenium Hotel and Resort

  • Atul Farm House, Dayal Bagh

  • Kundan Farms

  • Dawer Farms

  • Ginger Faridabad

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The Grand Aurra

The Grand Aurra

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Hilltop Greens

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Rigveda Farms, Faridabad

Rigveda Farms, Faridabad

4.5 out of 5 rating, 25 reviews,
Sarovar Portico, Surajkund

Sarovar Portico, Surajkund

4.2 out of 5 rating, 6 reviews,
Ambar Palms Aravali Resort

Ambar Palms Aravali Resort

Wedding Venues in Faridabad

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that is everything you ever dreamed of, WeddingWire India brings you the best deals this wedding season. Faridabad has great venue options to choose from. Faridabad is a city in the state of Haryana and also a part of the National Capital Region of Delhi. The city was established by Sheikh Farid—a renowned and greatly revered Pir and poet of the Sufi movement. It has many dargahs and places of religious importance built in remembrance of Saint Farid. The city of Faridabad is an old one that has undergone many socio-economic developments in the past resulting in its current state of economic modernization and growing prosperity. Even though residents of Faridabad majorly pursue industrial jobs and positions, it has a substantial holding in the agricultural sector. It is known across the country for its massive production of Henna and many industrial products like automobiles, consumer electronics, and other consumer goods. Faridabad has many busy markets with everything that a modern city needs to function smoothly as a growing commercial hub. 


Faridabad lies close to its state capital, beautiful city- ‘Chandigarh’ and the National capital of Delhi. Its accessibility to both these cities makes it a prime spot that many couples consider getting married in. You can choose from varied wedding venues such as luxurious restaurants, lavish hotels in Faridabad, elegant motels, verdant farmhouses in Faridabad, and some tremendous private property available for rent. Top wedding venues in Faridabad are convenient to locate and access with the help of WeddingWire India, specializing in wedding planning and connecting you with top wedding professionals from across the country and abroad. Download the WeddingWire India app today to learn more about the services offered by WeddingWire India. 


Finding wedding venues in Faridabad


There are many options to choose from when it comes to picking a wedding venue for your D-day shenanigans. The first step in the case is to consult your wedding planner about your wedding budget and how much of it should be spent on venues and then proceed. Finding a wedding venue that fits your budget, sits well with your preferences, meets your requirements, and offers excellent deals and discounts, is made easy with WeddingWire India. Wedding Venues in Faridabad are suitable for all budgets, be it thrifty or extravagant. There are venues that can be turned into beautiful wedding venues with the right wedding planner in Faridabad and decorator in Faridabad that you can find online only on the WeddingWire India app. As far as finding wedding venues is concerned, remember that suitable old banquet halls never cease to amaze. Extensive and spacious marriage gardens in Faridabad are also quite readily available. At the same time, there are also fancier options such as five starrer hotels, lavish resorts, extravagant farmhouses, etc. On the WeddingWire India website and app, you can find anything and everything that has to do with weddings. From planners to decorators to vendors to other wedding professionals, WeddingWire India makes a single-stop solution for all your wedding requirements. Log in right now to find the best wedding venues in Faridabad!

Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Venues in Faridabad

Which are the top Venues in Faridabad?

How can I plan my wedding with WeddingWire India?

WeddingWire India is a specialist wedding planning service provider and a global platform that connects you with expert wedding planners and professionals. You can get in touch with a planner of your choice to plan your dream wedding in Faridabad.

What kind of wedding venue should I pick in Faridabad?

A couple of things you should know before selecting a wedding venue are the type of wedding you want, the theme and budget of your wedding, and the finalized guest list. A wedding venue should be two things— 1). Spacious 2). With great hospitality.

What are the questions appropriate to ask from wedding venues?

You can enquire about the event spaces, the availability on your wedding day, costs and packages offered, ongoing discounts, other perks like parking services like valet parking, etc.

What are the cancellation policies of wedding venues in Faridabad?

This is strictly dependent on the venue policies. The case usually is that some wedding venues deduct a certain amount while others don't. You can enquire about the same before booking a wedding venue in Faridabad.

How much does it cost to rent a wedding venue in Faridabad?

The rental charges typically differ for different types of wedding venues. Usually, a good determinant for an estimated cost is the pax. The per plate cost for veg and non-veg plates also varies. The lowest pax in Faridabad starts from INR 200.

Wedding Venues in Faridabad with Real Weddings published

Radisson Blu, Faridabad

4.7 out of 5 rating, 12 reviews
 · Hotels . New Industrial Town, Faridabad

Rajhans Hotel

4.2 out of 5 rating, 13 reviews
 · Banquet Halls . Suraj Kund, Faridabad, Faridabad

Kundan Farms

4.8 out of 5 rating, 1 review
 · Banquet Halls . Suraj Kund, Faridabad, Faridabad

Golden Galaxy Hotel and Resorts

4.3 out of 5 rating, 10 reviews
 · Banquet Halls . Ballabhgarh, Faridabad

Jannat Valley

4.8 out of 5 rating, 13 reviews
 · Wedding Lawns Farmhouses . Suraj Kund, Faridabad, Faridabad

The Elegance - By TPM

Wedding Lawns Farmhouses . Ballabhgarh, Faridabad

Sarovar Portico, Surajkund

4.2 out of 5 rating, 6 reviews
 · Hotels . Suraj Kund, Faridabad, Faridabad

Park Plaza, Faridabad

4.7 out of 5 rating, 4 reviews
 · Hotels . New Industrial Town, Faridabad

Anandvan Greens

3.6 out of 5 rating, 6 reviews
 · Banquet Halls . Suraj Kund, Faridabad, Faridabad

Vibe Hotel

4.6 out of 5 rating, 7 reviews
 · Banquet Halls . Suraj Kund, Faridabad, Faridabad

The Palace, Faridabad

4.6 out of 5 rating, 61 reviews
 · Banquet Halls . New Industrial Town, Faridabad

Hotel Delite

4.2 out of 5 rating, 8 reviews
 · Banquet Halls . New Industrial Town, Faridabad

Classic Elegance

4.5 out of 5 rating, 2 reviews
 · Banquet Halls . New Industrial Town, Faridabad

The Heritage Garden

4.7 out of 5 rating, 4 reviews
 · Banquet Halls . Ballabhgarh, Faridabad

Shalimar Banquet

4.8 out of 5 rating, 9 reviews
 · Banquet Halls . New Industrial Town, Faridabad

Sajan Vatika

4.3 out of 5 rating, 2 reviews
 · Marriage Garden . New Industrial Town, Faridabad

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